How do I get rid of the golf ball on my Mac?

Open System Preferences> Users & Groups> Login Items click on the image to edit it or change it to one of the systems default images or one of your own from your Photos library or from an image in a folder you have, use the plus key.

Why do I keep getting the spinning beach ball on my Mac?

The spinning wait cursor or spinning disc pointer — where your mouse pointer becomes the rotating color wheel or “spinning beach ball” seen above — generally indicates that your Mac® is engaged in a processor-intensive activity.

How do you stop the globe from spinning on a Mac?

Force shutdown your Mac You can force a shut down by holding down the power button for about 10 seconds, or by simultaneously pressing Control + Option + Command + Power, or Control + Option + Command + Eject. Note: If you Force Quit or shut down your Mac, you’ll lose any work you haven’t saved.

What is the colored circle on my Mac?

That rainbow spinning wheel (whatever you might call it) is a common macOS wait cursor. It’s triggered when an application doesn’t respond for a few seconds and signals that you should wait before giving the app more instructions.

Why is there a golf ball on my Mac?

The ball signifies that your Mac cannot handle all the tasks given to it at this moment. Every app on your Mac has a so-called window server.

How do I change an icon on a Mac?

On your Mac, select the file or folder. Choose File > Get Info in the menu bar. At the top of the Info window, select the small custom icon. Make sure you click the small icon at the top of the Info window (not the large icon under Preview).

What is Cfprefsd on Mac?

cfprefsd, as the d in the end indicates, is a background process that handles system tasks. Specifically, it allows macOS and your apps to read and write preferences files. Besides, cfprefsd is also used to ensure the applications apply your system-wide default settings.

Why does my Mac have a globe with an exclamation mark?

A globe with an exclamation point means that your Mac tried to start up from macOS Recovery over the internet, but couldn’t. Learn what to do if your Mac can’t start up from macOS Recovery.

Why is my macbook flashing a globe?

Flashing Globe: What Does It Mean? If a flashing globe appears, it means one thing: the system is trying to NetBoot or start up from a remote volume. It’s failing to do so, and for some unknown reason isn’t automatically proceeding with your valid macOS installation.

What does the spinning circle on my computer mean?

A spinning cursor means the system is busy. Since the operating system is made up of hundreds or thousands of independent modules (programs), you may see the spinning blue circle appear often, especially if you power on or reboot the system.

How do I get rid of the rainbow wheel on my Mac without losing work?

Press the combination Cmd+Option+Esc, and a window will pop up. Step 2. After pressing the above keyboard combination, the Force Quit Applications should appear, select Microsoft Word and then click on the “Force Quit” button.

What does the rainbow cursor on Mac mean?

The spinning rainbow wheel is a common macOS wait cursor. This wheel comes up when an application that you’re running doesn’t respond for a few moments.

What is the spinning beach ball of death?

How do I stop finder action on Mac?

Force quit Finder with Activity Monitor Go > Utilities > Activity Monitor. Choose Finder (you can use the search bar in the upper right corner to find it quicker) Click the Close button (X) to stop Finder.

How do I stop my cursor from spinning?

Go to the Pointer Options tab, and then untick the checkbox for Show location of pointer when I press the CTRL key. Step 3. Click on Apply and OK to save the change. After that, you can check if the flashing blue circle Windows 10 stops appearing.

Why do I get the wheel of death on my Mac?

It appears when an app exceeds the Mac’s processing capability. The application could need to be updated or removed and reinstalled. When the Spinning Wheel of Death frequently appears with more than one app, the available storage space and RAM become suspects.

Does Mac have its own cleaner?

Your macOS also has a built-in Mac cleaner, which Apple called Optimized Storage. Though its capabilities are limited, it gives you basic directions on where to start the cleanup. But for a thorough system cleanup and removing malware, you’ll need a dedicated Mac cleaner app.

Does Mac Have a Disk Cleanup?

Disk Cleanup Pro is among the free utilities in the Mac App Store, and others can be found online. As with all maintenance programs, however, read the reviews before you download and back up your Mac before using software intended to automatically delete files on your computer — just in case.

How do I change the picture on my startup screen?

Press the Windows key to launch the Start Screen. Click on the User Tile on top right corner of the Start screen. Select Change Account Picture. Click one of the provided background images or use the Browse button and select any image from your computer, Bing, SkyDrive, or even your camera.

Click the Apple icon in the upper left corner, and select System Preferences. Click Security & Privacy. Click the lock at the bottom left and type in your password to make changes.

Where is the Apple menu on Mac?

The Apple menu is located in the top-left corner of your screen. Click it to access System Preferences and recently used apps, documents, and other items. View information about your Mac— including your version of macOS—type of processor, and amount of memory, and optimize storage.

Can I change app icons on Mac?

After pulling up Finder > Applications, find the app you’d like to change the icon for. Right click and select Get Info or use the keyboard shortcut command + I. Now just drag the new image you want to use on top of the existing icon (you can also copy the new image then paste it onto the existing icon).

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