How To Remove A Virus From An Android Phone

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The question of how to remove the virus from the phone has become a novelty for users.

This article contains examples of the most frequently used malicious programs and ways to quickly and safely neutralize them.

Each type of malware has its own characteristics and different characteristics. Explore the main malware types found on the web.

First of all, remember that before the advertising aspect you installed on your smartphone or tablet. Determine the scope of these programs. This can help you program detectors for AirPush. Check all applications for banner viewing.


The most popular type of malware. On almost any device you can find a Trojan, and that’s a lot.

Using the program, you can encrypt your actions every time you send SMS in invisible mode to third-party numbers.

The Trojan can also steal credit card numbers and passwords stored anywhere on the device: SMS messages, notes, special data storage programs.

Follow these steps to remove the Trojan horse:

1. Scan your device for spyware and malware such as Lookout, as shown in recent articles.

2. Remove any found suspicious programs. These simple steps are enough to neutralize and remove the Trojan from android.

Remove the virus from ads. This type of malware is also widely used, but unlike the Trojan horse, it’s not about using the device and raising money, but about making money with advertising.

That’s important to know! Games often install adware and malware. It may also act as a separate program.

Indeed, advertising does not harm the device, it prevents the user from working comfortably. This type of virus should be blocked, not removed.

There’s no need to cancel the application.

Different ways to solve the problem:

1. Inclusion of the scheme “in the plan.” In this mode, the Internet and other types of connections are disabled. As a result, the publication is not loaded and displayed. This solution is suitable for games and applications not requiring the Internet.

2. To activate the mode, press and hold the power button and select the type of action required in the appearing window.

3. Delete through scanning. Scan threats on your phone. Misleading programs almost always show up.

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This type of malware adapts to phone functions and stops paying the user for disabling banner blocking.

This type of malware can be found on many phones. If your phone or tablet is infected with this type of malware, remove your SIM cards immediately until a large amount is removed from your account.

In a few steps, an infected program can be easily removed:

1. Turn off the device and charge it completely.

2. Turn the device on. All subsequent steps should be performed as soon as possible until the banner expander is shown.

3. Go to the configuration (part of the developer); some 4. Turn on debug mode with USB.

4. Select the debugging application selection field: it contains infected software, select it.

After completing the above steps, the parasite banner will be blocked, and the infected application will be removed as usual.

After this type of virus has been destroyed, resetting the phone to its factory default settings is recommended for more stable operation.

The second method is to remove the roots manually. Experienced users can eliminate the virus in a more complex but reliable way. It consists of obtaining root rights on the device and manually deleting all data on the virus. There are many ways to gain root rights. The easiest way is to do it using a KingoRoot app.

After receiving root on a smartphone, you need to install applications such as Root Explorer and Titanium Backup: with Root Explorer, you can check suspicious APKs and viruses that contain viruses in all android system folders. Whatever the Trojan app’s right, Root Explorer can remove it. Most APK and virus folders are located in the directory / system / app / o / system /xbin/.

Titanium Backup can remove nearly any application so you can use it to remove an infected program.

How not to resume interaction with viruses on phones

To prevent viruses from infecting your device, follow the following tips: install applications of any kind only from reliable sources, such as Google Play Market, Content Control Administrators; install them from trusted sites, such as: Always update your device’s operating system;* Do not visit suspicious websites. If you click on these messages, you’re sure to acquire a virus.

Short summary

In this article, I explained how to solve the virus problem on smartphone devices. I hope that helps you and that you can quickly get rid of unwanted and unrelated programs. Good luck!

Ad Viruses:

A common phenomenon often associated with negligence and ignorance on the installation of third-party applications by the user. As a result, they see huge banners on their screens and sometimes even threats like “send an SMS to a certain number or the phone will be blocked.”


If advertisement messages and overlapping messages don’t allow you to work with a smartphone typically, it doesn’t matter. You need to restart in the Safe Mode in this case.

Safe mode is a state where you can use the system without any third-party application. That is, the same banners and messages are not displayed.

The fact is that the vast majority of antivirus programs are not working in safe mode. Therefore, if you start the device in this mode, the virus will simply not work and will be quickly deleted.

Go to Security Settings for Device Administrators. All programs with administrator rights are displayed here. If malware is suspicious, remove the rights.

Then go to Settings → Applications. We search for all the potential malware and eliminate it. After that, we reboot again, but in normal mode. Everything should be in order, otherwise, read the instructions below.

Do the following to start safe mode:

1. Press and hold the device’s power button.

2. Keep your finger on “Disconnect device” until the following message appears: Once the device is in safe mode, check it with an antivirus and remove the malware. If the antivirus program does not start, reinstall it by downloading it from Google Play Market.

Remember to search your device regularly for malware and spyware using programs such as 360 Security. Doctor. Web, and Lookout. Or any other software/application with the most complete malware database.

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