Does secure boot slow down computer?

Some users worried about enabling the Secure Boot would slow down their computers. There’s no need to be. Enabling the Secure Boot only adds protections and prevents your computer from virus attacks. It would only protect your computer, not slow down your computer.

Does enabling Secure Boot affect performance?

Secure Boot does not adversely or positively effect performance as some have theorized. There is no evidence that performance is adjusted in the slightest bit.

Does Secure Boot slow down?

It most likely will not affect speed or stability. Secure boot is just that… More secure.

Is there a downside to enabling Secure Boot?

One potential downside to using Secure Boot is that it can make it more difficult to run unsigned software on your system. If you need to run software that is not signed, you will need to disable Secure Boot in the BIOS settings.

Can Secure Boot harm my PC?

No. Disabling/enabling SecureBoot doesn’t affect already installed operating systems in any way. The only thing SecureBoot (if enabled) does is to verify that the Operating Systems bootloader has a valid security certificate and it refuses to boot it it doesn’t have one.

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